By Gavin Muenzberg

This is my first post here and I would like to begin by thanking anyone reading for their time. My name is Gavin Muenzberg I am 20 years old, from Denver CO. and starting today I am the first CSO of Yobored in Austin TX. I’v lived all over from California to Switzerland but have never found a city to be as hospitable to fresh ideas and new enterprise as Austin. Its no wonder 110 people move to Austin everyday, that’s 770 people a week, 3080 people a month, and 40,000 people in a year. With a city growing this rapidly, people need a way to find out where to go and what to do. Any spot in Austin can be popular in a minute and theres no way for the average consumer to be witness to that besides pure luck. Living in Austin you spend a lot of time wishing you had heard about something earlier. This is why we need Yobored, it lets you know what’s popular and trending around you right now. Stop missing out on life and start living it! Download Yobored today.

yobored final logo



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