By Gavin Muenzberg

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the friendly nature of our city. We are a small town rapidly turning into a big city, and were taking it in stride! if you recall my earlier blogpost, over 40,000 people have moved here in the past year. As one of those 40,000 I want to thank Austin for welcoming me with open arms and giving me the opportunity to achieve my wildest dreams. In Austin every interaction can be an introduction, if you take the time to stop, shake someones hand, and introduce yourself Austin will open up to you. Last night the Yobored team was lucky enough to get the chance to enjoy Blues on the Green and talk to some local folks about our app. Although we had to take down our tent when the music started. The very friendly event coordinator, Summer, passed along our contact information so that hopefully, we can be a more permanent part of these events in the future. We are spreading the word all around town and I have found people to be genuinely interested in having access to a social network that connects them locally, everyone in Austin is ready for the next big thing, and thats us. 

yobored final logo


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