With Wimbledon in full swing, tennis players in Austin are becoming increasingly more active on the court! With that in mind, here’s a list of the top-ten tennis facilities to hit up in Austin!

Collaboration By: Pavan Reddy and Sheldon Kale.

Courtyard Country Club-5608 Courtyard Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Serving as the home of the MAC 360 tennis academy, Courtyard has established itself as one of Austin’s most prominent private tennis clubs. With bustling adult leagues and junior competition, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Not to be forgotten are the two air-conditioned indoor courts on site, so you can have a hit anytime, rain or shine!


Westwood Country Club-3808 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703

If you’re a seasoned Austin-area tennis player, then you’ve probably heard about or played at Westwood Country Club. With a fantastic location in central Austin, nearby the lake,, Westwood is within a few minutes drive for the majority of Austin’s tennis players. Westwood’s facilities are hard to beat, with hard and clay courts, a full-service pro shop, well-equipped gym, and its nearby country club pool, among other amenities! Once you hit at Westwood, you might never play tennis elsewhere again!


Lost Creek Country Club-2612 Lost Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78746

Nestled in the luxurious Lost Creek neighborhood down in the Bee Cave area, the Lost Creek Country Club is an excellent place for Westlake-area tennis players to hit at. The club staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about the sport, which does come in handy if you’re looking to purchase some gear from their huge pro-shop! With numerous shaded and lighted courts on sight, you may never find a tennis club as nice at Lost Creek.

Lakeway One World of Tennis-100 World Tennis, Lakeway, TX 78734

Lakeway’s tennis center, otherwise dubbed as the One World of Tennis, truly lives up to it’s name. With two state-of-the-art indoor courts, a racket-shaped pool, high-quality hard courts, and a fully furnished gym, lounge, and pro shop, it’s no wonder that the One World of Tennis is the hub of tennis activity in the Hill Country.

Caswell Tennis Center-2312 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78705

Caswell Tennis Center, located in bustling downtown Austin, is the perfect spot for hit in the city. With numerous hard courts, a shaded upper viewing area, and a fully-serviced pro shop, Caswell’s combination of location and quality service is hard to beat!

Austin High (Town Lake) tennis center-1717 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78703


Nestled right next to Lake Austin, Austin High’s Town Lake Tennis Center is the ultimate social hub for tennis players in the Austin area! Meet new players here everyday with daily group clinics and match sessions with certified teaching professionals. With numerous lighted courts, a backboard, and on-site stringing service, there’s no question that Austin High’s Town Lake tennis center is the “life” of the tennis scene in town!

UT Whitaker-4612 Avenue D, Austin, TX 7875

If you’re looking for a superb hit near campus, look no further than the UT Whitaker Tennis Center. With 40 lighted hard courts, you’ll never have to wait for players to finish! Don’t forget the shaded seating areas, on-site stringing facilities, and huge backboard! With all it has to offer, UT Whitaker should definitely be on your list of places to throw a tennis party or host a tournament with your friends!


Westlake High School-4100 Westbank Dr, Austin, TX 78746


As far as high school tennis facilities go, Westlake High School’s tennis courts defiantly take the top spot. With water coolers on site, shaded seating areas, and 8 lighted hard courts, you might think that you’re playing at a country club while you’re here!

SpikeBall-Taking over Austin Sports.

If you’re not much of a tennis player it’s okay .there is a sport that everyone can play and anywhere, Spikeball is the fastest growing sport in the United States at the moment. If you don’t know what Spikeball is, it is a lawn sport played on a Hoola-Hoop sized net on the ground and a Grapefruit sized ball. It is like Volleyball and Foursquare put together. Since selling their first set in 2008 and featuring on Shark Tank Spikeball has exploded. Tournaments have brought people from all over the country, together. It’s amazing how what started out as a fun little idea now has a National presence. It is up and coming in Austin, with sanctioned tournaments always around the corner and recreational play at Zilker Park, it is not hard to pick up a game and meet some new people! If you jump in a game or see people playing Spikeball, Yobored it! Currently the Yobored team has a Spikeball Tournament in the works. We want to get people connected in a fun and competitive way. Let’s make something happen!

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