The Austin Summer Spike-Off! 2016, Presented By Yobored, has come to a close and Yobored is proud to say it was a success! We had teams from all over Texas come to compete in The Austin Summer Spike-Off! We want to thank Everyone who participated in the tournament and will be doing so on Yobored. Anyone who participated in the tournament is getting a special Spikeball Badge on Yobored! Were sure not everyone who wanted to come to the Spike-Off! had the chance to come out, for those of you who didn’t make it, Sign-Up on Yobored to keep updated on great events in your area and Join The Adventure!

The Austin Summer Spike-Off! 2016 Tournament Recap.

By Investor Relations Manager and Marketing Representative Pavan Reddy

The tournament began with pool play amongst the 12 teams to determine seeding. Out of the four pools of three teams each, the rivalries and dominant teams soon became clear. Some real bold plays were made by teams on all sides on the net, but a few teams would end up on top of their pools to take the first four seeds. Team “Crop Tops and Flip-Flops” (you should’ve seen their uniforms), which consisted of a duo of advanced spikers from outside the city, took the first seed with a string of crushing victories in their pool. The second seed was won by Team Stacked Deck, a local team with quite a bit of speed to their game. A similar team, Team Balls Deep, took the third seed, and a wildcard duo, Team Have Fun, took the fourth seed.

As we headed into the draw rounds of the tournament, it would seem that the first few games would be pretty straightforward. The top four seeds receive byes to move on to the quarterfinals by default. But, as it turns out, close matches riddled the first round. Team Curry in Yo’ Face held a commanding lead on Team Spikebald in the first few games of their matchup, but ended up collapsing in their third and final game. Another nail-biter came in the first-round matchup between Team Spikesalot and Team Unsighted, in which Team Unsighted was able to come off with a gutsy W. The other two quarterfinal spots went to Team “Multiple Scorgasms”, whose unprecedented win over Team Mack’ N Cheese came as a shock to everyone, and Team Bambizmo, who swept “The Newbies”. The semis came down to the seeds facing each other, and in some very exciting games, the finals came down to top-seed Team Crop Top vs. seed no. 2 Stacked Deck. While Stacked Deck made it tough, Team Crop Top eventually came out on top in two fierce games in the final match. 

Austin Summer Spike-Off Winners


Commentary by CEO Devang Patel:

So the day started kind of in a panic.  We had an hour before the big Austin Summer Spike-off was about to start and still hadn’t packed anything in the car.  Not only that we also had to get ice for the cooler for the hundreds of bottles of water so that people wouldn’t dehydrate.  In addition, we still had to print out all the waiver forms and make copies.  And, to top it all off we weren’t able to to get the drone to work due to remote control issues.  So we all assigned each other different work roles.  Gavin would get to Zilker Park and start setting up the tent incase teams started showing up early; Sheldon would get the food and snacks and quickly get to Zilker to help Gavin set up; Pavan would handle the waivers; and  I would try to fix the drone.  It was already 12:30 pm and tournament was starting at 1:00pm.  I gave up with the drone and headed they’re way.  Once I got there I was surprised to see the tent was up and there was already a group of people huddled underneath and some just walking around.  The team was already there doing their thing.  All in all we got about 12 teams, one of them being my team “Curry in yo’ face” consisting of me and Pavan.  Unfortunately we lost the first round against team Spikebald.  Pav was getting a little queasy out in the blistering sun.  It was about 103 degrees out.  Overall the tournament turned out amazing and just the right turnout for us to handle.  Two teams really stood out: Team Croptop and Stacked deck.  Their competitive spirit and athletic ability was great to watch for us all.  Congratulations to the champions Team CropTop.  They were awarded $200 dollars and will receive championship badge on their profile on the Yobored app.  


Commentary By Sheldon Kale, Director of Sponsorships.

Being my first Spikeball tournament and our first Yobored event, saying I was a little nervous would be an understatement. I didn’t know what to expect. After helping with the snack situation I showed up and it felt like a disaster (it wasn’t I was just panicking) we had a lot of work to do in less than an hour. Getting all the stuff from the cars to middle of Zilker setting up the canopies, tables, filling the coolers, setting up the nets and then registering the teams we had our work cut out for us. What felt like 10 min, turned out to be an hour, and looking at thirty people that I have never seen before, gathered around getting ready for the pool play announcement it was a sight I was not expecting. With everything running smoothly I can now focus on playing, my co-worker Gavin and I were team “Multiple Scorgasms” and we were ready to play! During the three pool play, seed placement games I asked all teams where were they from and it amazed me that we had teams from all over Texas some from Dallas, Temple, College Station and Austin at our tournament. Even though we were eliminated in the second round we had a good time playing and were somewhat excited to go back and lay in the shade. It amazed me that we had such a good turnout with only 2 weeks to plan, market, and get ready for the event.  It was stressful but it all didn’t matter when I took a step back and saw what we created. We brought people together and made a day out of it, it really made me feel like Yobored is going to make your local community a better one.


Commentary By Gavin Muenzberg, CSO.

The tournament was awesome! we got to meet Spike-Ballers from all over Texas, get some play time in and even talk a bit about Yobored. Everyone played hard and had fun, in the future we can work more on organization and logistical things that may have made the day run a little smoother, but it all turned out well. What was important was that everyone had fun and at the end of the day someone walked away with the prize. Thanks again to everyone who came out to participate!




Overall Austin Summer Spike-Off! 2016 was a success, we at Yobored are proud to have organized the event and hope that this is just the first of many successful Yobored sponsored events. The tournament gave us a chance to meet some great, active and energetic people, the game of spike-ball seems to invite the adventurous and out-going. I want to see these kind of people on Yobored! Everyone has a desire for adventure deep down, it’s time to start exploring your city! We want adventurers from all over the world to sign up on Yobored and Join the Adventure!


yobored final logo

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and can help spread the word email us at




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