By Devang Patel

What percentage of the day do people actually work when working in corporate offices?

An article by Forbes tells us that ALOT of work hour times are wasted.

So the question is how do companies avoid this phenomenon?  It’s defining Company Culture.  

We’ve all seen the movie Office Space and can sometimes even relate to their monotonous attitude at work.  I would feel like that if I were put in a cubicle and my boss hovered over me…and clocking in and clocking out…what a nightmare.

Here’s a clip from Office Space !

So why do most people waste such valuable time?  I think it’s because they’re really bored…  Not only that…I feel there’s probably alot of distrust between companies and employees.  Does the company actually believe in you?   If they don’t believe in you…do they really know your true potential? Do they even care?

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite Geico commercials…“You’ve got potential”

To be honest I’ve never really had an office job…well…except for that one time where I was doing community service in highschool in the healthcare department…  But I’m going to blog about this anyway.  Because working in a cubicle for a giant corporate company probably does suck.  That’s why today’s discussion is going to be about “Company Culture”.  Which is so damn important to startups and even massive companies.   The more defined the company culture…the easier the right people gravitate towards it.  Recruiting becomes so much simpler.  For you business majors out there this equates to less dollars spent and quicker company growth.  So I took the time today to think about Yobored’s  Company Culture.  And I’ve summed it up in one sentence.  “If you work too hard…you’re fired.”  Ha I lied, you’d probably get a raise…but anyway you get what I mean…Here’s a few points below that sum up what our company culture is about.

#1 Fun

The number 1 rule of Yobored is…you must have fun!  No anal person will ever be allowed into the company…ever.

#2 Chill out

You have to know how to chill out.  Working for a startup company is already stressful and there’s already so much to worry about.  Deadlines and so forth.  Relax…Breath…we will get there as a team!

#3 Be Lazy…it’s Ok!

One of our first employees was about 40 minutes late to the job interview.  It actually ended up working out for him!  I could tell he was smart…and him being late assured me he was the lazy type.  The funny thing is…I ended up being 100% right about him.  He’s already contributed so much already it’s ridiculous.  He’s now the Director of Operations!  Although he shows up late everyday…he makes up for it with his cleverness and creativity and actually makes a positive impact on the companies growth…That’s what I’m talking about…

#4  Make Friends

Yobored is about the people.  Make as many friends as possible and build your network!

#5  Opportunity 

Ok so have fun and be lazy!  But there’s just one caveat…when it’s time to seize the opportunity…you have to take it with all your heart.  That’s it…then you can carry on!

#6 Visualize the end goal 

What are we trying to accomplish with Yobored?  Yes we want partiers, athletes, and travelers to have a great time and show others where the poppin’ spots are.  But Yobored is much much bigger than that.  We want to become the Intra-city platform that allows people to express social issues and find solutions within a moments time.

We will see how this company culture evolves…but so far it is working out amazingly!

Anyway meet half our team below!

Devang Patel – Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Muenzberg – Chief Operating Officer

Steve Dobbs – Chief Marketing Officer

Pavan Reddy – Director of Operations

Sheldon Kale – Director of Sponsorship

Shalina Singh – Director of Non Profits

Veshal Arul Prakash – Operations Manager at UT Austin

Stella Lim – Regional Director Yobored Korea

Until then!  Join the Adventure!

yobored final logo

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and can help spread the word email us at






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