By Gavin Muenzberg.


It’s another rainy day here in Austin and it’s got me feeling thoughtful, 2016 is an odd time to be alive. Were on the brink of the future, of the next generation, and of the next era. The last of Generation Y and the first of Generation Z have hit adult hood. Generation Y brought the first waves of modern technology and trail blazed into the social media world. Generation Y successfully turned the internet from being just a tool, into a destination, and from there created the first internet communities that blossomed into what they are today. Today the internet is as vast and varied as the people who use it. As a tool, it has excelled beyond our expectations becoming something incredible, unique, and necessary. You can pretty much google any question and get an answer in moments, we might not be at the point where that’s always the answer you’re looking for, but it’s getting better all the time. We get real time update of events happening all over the world through our phones and of course whatever you may need, there’s an app for that. Generation Z is growing up with the ability to access the entire world from their pockets, with the internet there is no restriction on what you can learn. Now we need to worry about how the next generation will use this information, I believe it will lead to a generation of well informed individuals active in their communities.

As technology continues to broaden our world and connect communities internationally, it’s important that generation Z remain active members in our own local areas. The modern world is full of wonderful experiences right outside of your front door. Of course this all leads back to that magical device in your pocket, if you can look up information on anything, anywhere in a moment, your local community should be available to you at a moment’s notice. Thats where Yobored comes in, we’re the social media for Generation Z, connecting you to your local community through that magical little device in your pocket. Yobored is growing with generation Z and we can’t wait to see how they influence each other.


yobored final logo

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and can help spread the word email us at





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