By Gavin Muenzberg.

It’s been an energetic week for Yobored, here in Austin the streets are flooding with orange as UT finishes up its first week of the 2016 school year. If your around UT you may have even seen a Yobored Team member handing out cards and sharing the Events happening at UT on Yobored, Veshal Arul Prakash, is the newest member of the Yobored Team and is the first UT student on our team. We had to say goodbye to Pavan Reddy today as he’s leaving for Northeastern in Boston, we sent a bunch of Yobored schwag with him to start spreading the word up there. Wish him luck on Yobored!

yobored schwag box

A special thanks to Everyone who has downloaded Yobored, our momentum is building, thanks to the support of our community. Thank you for your patience as we fix bugs and improve the performance of the app, if you see any bugs or something that needs improving, just let us know on Yobored, Facebook, or Twitter. Were in the process of perfecting the functions the App has and adding some awesome new features to help you connect with your community, make new friends, and Join the Adventure! Keep checking Yobored to stay up to date on events, news, and popular places in your community. Start showing off your Yobored page to your friends, prove who is more of a Trendsetter, and rack up some points!

yobored final logo

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and can help spread the word email us at

yobored app card


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