Yobored @ 500 users

By Devang Patel

Here is another update.  Currently experiencing the high’s and low’s that a startup entails.  We’re at 500 users now…which isn’t  bad…it’s steady growth.  However most of the users are lurkers, somehow we need to get the users to post more.  We’re currently in the process of improving our onboarding…and working on getting an instructional video out.  Some days we feel like we’ve killed it…and feel on top of the world…thinking we’re doing a good job packaging and bow tying this up for the VC’s to look at.  And then there are days where we’re thinking like shit…is this even going to work?  Like literally the next day.  We’re growing at a steady 10-15% per week right now which is really good but that’s through our in person marketing at this point. Not to mention when we reach 1000 users to 10,000 users what kind of cluster fuck are we going to deal with then.  Our server has already crashed a few times and it’s devastating.  Sessions decrease by 50% the next day.  Imagine spending a whole day in the heat telling people about the app and later that night it crashes…and on a Friday!  Our user base is people who go out…so Thursday through Saturday is prime time.  So yeah you end up having to fix that the whole night…and you’re like god damn this really blows.  The low’s are really low.  But then all of a sudden there’s that ray of hope, someone messages me on Yobored from out of the country and wants to help start it there!  Then you’re back and you feel like oh man we’ve got this!  I guess you can’t give up, you never know when fortune pours in.  We’ve got a few more new features coming in within this month and very excited about that.  We think the users are really going to enjoy the app!  Until next time.

yobored final logo

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and want to spread the word email us at support@yobored.com.



yobored app card



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