By Gavin Muenzberg

While the team was out and about this week we were lucky enough to meet some local Austin Freerunners. Turns out Freerunning is actually pretty big in Austin! We have some great open spots around town that are perfect for this new sport. Freerunning improves athleticism, coordination, and focus. After asking around, and a little bit of googling, we found some ways to try out this new sport and, for those of you who are already pro freerunners, some of the best places in town to go Freerunning.
Get into it:

BAM Academy– This is academy has two locations, one in North Austin, the other in South Austin. BAM has Parkour courses for all ages and skill levels. It’s also a great place to just mess around. With a large landscape with lots of obstacles and padding, this is a great spot to try out some new moves.

Champions Westlake– Champions Westlake is home to The Parkour Urban Motion Corps, which offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for kids 6 to 18 years old. This gymnastic facility also offers a variety of fitness and gymnastic classes, which are strongly reccomended for aspiring Freerunners.
Places to Free Run:

The Domain– On days when it’s not to busy The Domain is a great spot to get a quality run in. with lots of obstacles, low ledges, and grassy landings. Pick your route and go wild!


UT Campus– When you searh Youtube for Austin Parkour, the majority of what you see is right on the UT Campus. Its got lots of open spaces, outside seating, and plenty of people around to cheer you on.

The Yobored Freerunning Team

Yobored is proud to welcome Tofu_Freerunner to the Yobored community. We met at the Domain, and have been blown away by their enthusiasm and dedication to their sport. We can’t wait to see more of their videos on Yobored!

Currently we’re also looking for Yobored Regional Directors!  If you live in a major city and are good at talking to people and want to spread the word email us at




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